Chaos Is The Reason For Things Being So Quiet!

computer chaosThe blog may seem a bit quiet on the outside (on the internet) but its been everything but quiet here in Minglanilla and on the backend of the Blog(s).

The problems with Smart Bro limited my work ability as simply I could sit scrunched up on the floor at the apartment or sit with my nice desk and computer with no internet connection which has simply lost me weeks of productivity. They arrived yesterday and have fixed the problem fingers crossed, strange how they were here for 30mins and now everything works fine yet Smart Bro did everything to stop sending an engineer. Maybe the sprinkling of pixie dust is too far from their office and in person it worked? Either way glad to be back on the internet.

But this is only part of the saga going on here as we are also in the middle of moving house which is a bit more complicated than it would seem as I looked at the electric bill today P6,200 which should be less than P5,000 now with one of the apartments rented but empty (tenant uses for mailing address and when on leave from work). So looking at our fridges we have 2 brand new ones and one that is 13 years old. With the apartment empty April wants the fridge from there because its bigger, our fridge will replace the 13 year old one because I think its burning electric and the old one will go in the apartment because its not used most of the year. Things we do for energy saving! Still have to think about the freezer as we may drop making ice as it seems in the current heat more expensive than its worth. At the same time could go another route want ice you need to buy a beer!

Beds are another issue as we have bought some lovely bunk beds which are made with Gmelina wood which to be honest is one of the better woods here. Beats bamboo due to termites not liking it on the downside though it looks a bit like pine when finished but weighs about 10 x more. Only issue with those was they were taken upstairs when they were needed down. I ended up stripping them down myself after the workers didn’t show. They were getting paid in Red Horse but had already had a drinking session the night before so the chances of them turning up were slim to start with. As the saying goes “if they have enough to drink today they will look for work tomorrow”.

Now the internet stuff has been a bit busier than it looks because a lot has been going on in the background there is a new Britain blog started although still in the early stages (as obviously we aren’t there yet! but it will also be covering the hassles of immigration but hopefully won’t be as painful as pulling teeth). On top of that started building a Blog/Website Directory which is time consuming and rather dull, but on the bright side if you search things like the volunteering/NGO sections in South America you will find a lot of placements for working abroad with free accommodation and food etc. in exchange for your time. I’m looking to develop the directory in a way that is “helpful” over just filled with links to sites. Which then spurred another site I am going to develop after things I came across today mainly to help people wanting to help people (sounds a little odd) but its actually simple inventions with plans as well as ideas. Things like peddle driven water pumps that can help a community with irrigation. Collating them all into another site.

If that wasn’t enough going on its also looking at the opportunities in the UK although several job offers have come in lately they aren’t in great locations as well as deadlines are too soon for me to get to the UK and organise a car. I have managed to fix the scooter though here which is a bonus and now trying to organise some spare cash which isn’t an easy feat with the amount of expenses going out as well as Ewe’s birthday party coming up as well to take its toll on the bank balance.

An important thing to mention here is that if you feel ignored at certain times of the day on my messenger or Skype its purely because I am not online. I am also spending less time on Facebook because it burns through time with very little productivity. I have also tried to adapt my sleeping to more of a normal routine than my late night working which I am still struggling with. Being ill didn’t help with this as I have taken a bit of a knock the last few weeks with various things as I seem to be catching several bugs and fevers due to my immune system being low from the first one. Positive side to this though is I haven’t drank any alcohol for around 6 weeks or more and only had 2 coffees in that time period as well, Silver lining in everything I suppose. What I can say though is living in the Philippines does seem to take its toll on my health on a regular basis which I hadn’t expected but maybe better away from populated areas with the burning of rubbish, rats roaming at night in the streets as well as the dust and pollution in the air. I’m sure up in the mountains or more provincial living would actually make me a healthier person.