changing priorities to get back on track

In the last year the priorities have been pushing forward with business and although we have had varied successes good and bad the main thing is I kept driving it forward. The last few days a realisation that I have been missing out on the reason I am here. If I work constantly I might as well be back in the UK as I am missing out on time with my wife and watching our children grow up. Living here full-time moves the gate posts and also the way of life as more often than not your doing things that involve trying to get ahead instead of enjoying the life you have. No point giving up the rat race to run in a race where the tide is more often than not running against you. Also its not the reason I came here so priorities are changing as I can see many things changed and how subtly it happened, with the kids transportation became an issue and most things I was doing involved business meet ups so the time you have out and about then starts to revolve round going yourself and then everything starts to revolve round getting business done and trying to find ways to make life work but start seeing the family time has been reduced without even realising.

So what does this mean for the future? Basically I have got several projects that are smaller scale and can give a regular income so I am going to do them as and when I have spare time as they aren’t time sensitive. Most will involve me making things myself and selling once complete so no problems of labour either. Heading to a stress free life with the family instead of the life the last year became. The permaculture stuff will continue as with the Aquaponics and I am prepared to share my knowledge with others but dropping out of the game of large scale projects as simply I don’t need the hassle and it seems more often than not its not appreciated so why bother putting in the effort if nobody else wants to.

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  1. Jakinthebox
    April 10, 2011 at 7:31 am

    Know how it feels the housing market kicked me into touch for a while glad ive buggered off now mind