When i originally bought domain i was looking to do something with Joomla as it seemed to be more structured. But the more i have used it the more i realise i prefer WordPress and the fact that WordPress is developing in a structured manner. Joomla just seems to have wasted a lot of my time as most things i want to do are either too much work or simply don’t work once you get to a certain point. Why did i start with Joomla in the first place? to be honest it was the fact that the software cross integrates but it doesn’t do it as aswell as it should so here we are. Scrapped the Joomla and now going to WordPress but the new version 3.0 seems to have had some major upgrades which will do what i want it to do.

Why do i need another site? TP is more of how i like things where the new is going to be more biast on factual. A bit like a tourist guide less general things like the current scooter saga in TropicalPenpals and more on the hotels, restaurants and stores. I think the term would be “more clinical” than what I like but at the same time I think its a valuable asset and hopefully can help develop into one of the major sites here so i can start getting my foothold in some of the events so i can cover things better. Which in turn means better sites. Is it about money? It is something that could be said and i would simply say no its difficult to make good money off blogs at the best of times but the problem with Cebu is every man and his dog has a blog site. The reason behind it is simply TropicalPenpals is what i would like to call “full”. It really needs a structured off shoot that can offer specifics in a clean manner. It has got to the point with TP its easier to search it via Google due to around 1500 articles which is more than enough for the average blog site as a lot of it is reference make sense to have a reference site! so here we go another site for Cebu but hopefully one i can put together better than everyone else’s.

Why am i writing about it on TropicalPenpals? Because I would like a bit of input from everyone to what sort of structure you would like to see on it. That way everyone will be happy (or as close to) once it starts running. As getting it right now is important because once i start populating i will more than likely be doing a crazy amount of articles one after the other for a couple of months. Don’t worry will keep off Twitter and facebook.. I for one hate spamming and populating the site with general stuff isn’t the sort of thing i want everyone being showered with.