Cebu travel – Getting the most

If you travel to Cebu be aware that planning ahead of your trip on what you want to do is going to save you time and money. As agents will generally top up the costs wherever they can and often you find things like boat trips that should cost a P350 a person or P3,000 for a boat end up cost P4,000 each because they know your tourists. Taxi drivers will push up the price as soon as you hit the ground in Cebu so would advise always using the meter and taking a Yellow Taxi as generally they won’t hassle you because their rates are higher than the white taxis.

Travelling around Cebu as an island has many different modes of transport and you have to way up where your going to what you need. For example travelling to the end of the road you can get a peddle cab, going to your local supermarket can be Jeepney or Tricycle but longer distances are taxis, buses and V hire (mini buses) which vary considerably in price depending which mode you use. Also if your stopping at lodgings with friends or family find out how much you should be paying. Recently I found out people have been paying P50 for a tricycle ride that costs us between P15 and P25 depending how busy they are and how much groceries we are carrying. All these things on a trip can become tiresome and often irritating if you let it but knowing a price and simply asking how much before you enter the vehicle they will give you an instant quote. At which point its too high tell them the price your willing to pay that someone previously told you. If the don’t agree walk to the next vehicle behind it won’t be long until someone will take up your offer because they are waiting in a queue for customers.

I will discuss in more detail things to do and how to maximize your cash in greater detail in further articles.

2 comments for “Cebu travel – Getting the most

  1. Anonymous
    April 18, 2011 at 11:46 am

    I couldn’t agree more. I’ve become quite a kuripot (scrooge) here after a while. First year I overspent way too much, like most newbies do. I kept comparing to Norwegian prices, and hence found it a bargain paying 1500 peso for a 90 minute taxi ride. In Norway it would probably cost 15.000 peso. Now I think 1500 is way too much and rather take the V-hire for 100 peso from Toledo to Cebu, or drive my motorbike.

    • Tropicalpenpals
      April 19, 2011 at 1:35 am

      Its not being tight though its just being practical. So many people live in holiday mode while they decide what they are doing that once they do eventually settle down they have burned a huge hole in their pocket which could have got them a better home or even been able to buy a motorcycle cash (saving a small fortune on the rates here for loans).