Cebu Traffic And Rainfall

Well im back in Cebu and one of the things i want to share is the pace of life here. I still don’t get round the logic as things often than not take ages to process and a lot of hoops to jump through… BUT get in a vehicle and its a race track..everyone is in a rush to go somewhere then take all day to do something. Something that got dangerous yesterday as heavy rain hit on the route back from San Fernando. I decided that it would be good to go for dinner on the way back to finish the day off.. now me being me would expect in rain conditions people to slow down, lights on and a bit of care taken for everyone around you. Boy was i wrong Pajeros flying up the wrong side of the road overtaking with no lights on. Multicab and tricycles seem to have no lights or avoid using them even when the rain is so hard its difficult to see in front of you never mind looking for an outline of a slow-moving vehicle in front of you. To top it all off the fuse had blown on the indicators and i had previously swapped it for the wiper fuse so there we were riding up towards Gaisano for some dinner.. April’s parents were on the back of the open pickup (small canopy) and i kept my window down to watch for the idiots flying up the wrong side of the road. As its difficult to see when most of the passenger vehicles are going to stop due to a lack of any lights and no hand signals. We got so far and hit flood water.. which was about 2ft deep. OK being sensible you would think a bit of caution and go in single file traffic to stop anyone getting a flooded engine right?? No WAY!! lol..
What you do is its raining everyone wants to get out of it as quick as possible so a 2 lane road on each side suddenly becomes 6 or 8 as everyone is just trying to cross at the same time, motorcycles weaving in between cars and cabs which is great when your trying to keep your revs up and vehicles are stopping in front of you to find a motorcycle has decided its a great gap to slip into.. To top it all off a Pajero on the wrong side of the road overtakes me doing around 3 times the speed of anyone else and i end up with a lap full of water.. thanks..

I will never understand what it is with traffic and queues it’s almost like a competition anytime you get in one. Everyone is in a rush yet there is no need because most of the time they will be heading home to relax. So why not start now and reduce the chance of a heart attack.. Another funny day in Paradise.