Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific is a local and international flight courier from the Philippines. When promotions are on offer as they always seem to be in some form in the Philippines its a bit like most flight Promotions you come across with Air Couriers for Flights the actual cost of a “cheap flying ticket” often has hidden costs such as Airport fees, booking fees, credit card fees etc. etc. something that really irritates me about budget airlines when they do this although some of it isn’t their fault. For example here in the Philippines you actually have to pay to leave the country after 6 months! Well you normally have to pay an exit fee as well even if not here 6 months but the point is nothing is mentioned upon arrival and the fees aren’t “clearly” displayed until you try and leave the country to find your paying for something you hadn’t expected.

Now at the same time I will say Cebu Pacific as a whole do offer a great service and cheap flights internally at the same time be warned that flights can sometimes be late,delayed or even cancelled for various reasons inside the Philippines. This may be done on purpose in some cases (I think) for example if a 8pm flight will be half full and the 9pm also maybe they cancel the 8pm without telling anyone so that the passengers arrive and end up leaving on the 9pm flight. I have lived in the Philippines long enough to know anything is possible and some ferry operators work on the basis “we leave when its full” so why not air couriers as well?

Doesn’t mean its too much of a headache and I am sure international connections are treated differently because of the knock on affect poor service can have for Hong Kong for example where many people use Cebu Pacific to Hong Kong then fly Cathy Pacific to ongoing destinations.