Cebu had a train service ?

Its something people have discussed on forums, why doesnt Cebu have a rail service to help improve the traffic congestion.. It may be a surprise to find out it once did.


Cebu’s Train Trails

On September 16, 1907, the train made the inaugural run from Cebu City to Danao on the railroad operated by the Philippine Railway Company. This extended the rail road service that, at this time, was already operational between Argao in the south and Cebu City.

Many Cebuanos no longer remember that Cebu used to have an Argao-to-Danao railroad, or that in early 1900s there were plans for an electric car service within cebu City itself a far cry from what we have today and something that would be welcomed with open arms if there was enough room to fit it into the streets.

Cebu’s railroad service ended with the destruction of World War II, but it was already dying even before then. While it was boom for big agricultural producers, the railroad was not too popular with the general riding public (which, to begin with, was not that large in the pre-war years).

In the 1930s, there was stiff competition with bus companies. Bus rides did not only cost less, they were more congenial to the habits of local travelers. Slower and more round-about, with frequent stops (discharging and picking passengers who have to answer the call of nature). they were (for travellers of old) more convivial than inconvenient, much like spending a lazy day visiting neighbours. With the constant flow of traffic heading out of the provinces for the cities these days I wonder if it would be a more viable service aswell as the development of tourism maybe a mixed service could return to Cebu if a railroad was ever to return. One thing is for sure it could do with it to help with the deepening problem of congestion within Cebu City aswell as to speed up routes heading up and down the coastline due to the constant stop and go of Jeepneys congesting the roads.