Cebu Expat is replacing

It hasn’t been an easy decision as it will involve rewriting nearly 5,000 articles but it will also mean I will be ditching a lot of the advertising stuff I did from 2009 onwards. I found has moved away from its original objective which was purely for sharing information about life in Cebu, Philippines.

Also after 2 webhost moves Tropical Penpals has become a bit of a sick dog, photos, posts and comments have become a bit mixed up and damaged. Partly my fault on relying on technical people within the hosting companies to do their job. But also the fact of a sign of the times that outsourcing is king! Well if you want broken English, people telling you they are experts in a field they have no knowledge of then I would say yes. But if you want reliable staff, services and quality I would question outsourcing as a whole.

But I also see this as a bit of closure for the Philippines as Tropical Penpals has become a bit of a thorn in my side as the files aren’t the way I like them. Adding to that the current host is dire and finding the access to the database extremely slow and troublesome. Another bunch of “yes guys” out of India. Today though will be the time of change as the transition begins from Tropical Penpals to Cebu Expat and the eventual retirement of at least for now.

Things in the Philippines continue but as I have now moved with my family to Europe the updates on Cebu Expat won’t be so regular.  We still have on going construction and renting out a couple of our apartments. But beyond that our focus is currently more on Spain. We still retained everything we have in the Philippines when we left which has sort of left Cebu Expat open for future writing. But today its a case of dusting off Tropical Penpals, repairing the old files and filling in some of the gaps with some new articles. But ultimately its from 2007 to 2014 and a pause will await our return to Cebu.

The reason I will be filling in some of the gaps though is not on a personal praise but to let people know there are other things you can do to help others. But also its better to let things go unexpected. In the last few months I have helped several people with medical bills which for me meant a lot. As the people involved are important to me but also I do hear when people say not every problem is our problem as the problems existed before we arrived. They did at the same time freedom of choice allows the ability to help or not. But also I can be thankful in knowing some people are here today because of the intervention we took.

A while ago a child died because of something that was easily curable. But nobody told me and nobody let me know. I found out during the collection of funds for the funeral. It was during that time I found out that a lack of funds was the main reason of the child’s death. Yet it hadn’t been seen as my problem and as such nobody approached me. Its something that left an impact because it was preventable. But also the reward I have had over the last few years from helping others in memories of making a difference, will always out way anything negative.

Thanks for reading and please be aware the blog posts go back to the beginning of life in Cebu, Philippines. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading.