Cautionary tale of dangerous electrics in the Philippines

Typical afternoon just online as we are pretty much stopping at home for a few reasons one being the rain making things a bit muddy and the other being the fact we are waiting for some money to arrive via the internet. Today’s sausages though did appear well done due to an electrical fault but who’s fault?


Doesn’t look so dangerous now but earlier it was on fire with flames of about 6” and it was a case of where is it getting power from? Although at home we weren’t at home,home but in another house. Discovering the electrics hadn’t been fed from the main circuit board and had in fact been fed from a separate circuit breaker, only issue with that was it was directly fed and from the wrong side of the breaker. Now it could have been dangerous well it was dangerous I did manage to get it shut off and it was lucky that the location of the fire was not near anything flammable besides the extension and cables that caught fire.

In reality though it shouldn’t have happened as I started cutting away at the damaged cables and removing bits and pieces I found the cable wasn’t even one extension cable but 3 smaller ones all with outlets on them a bit like a collection of fairy lights. Topping it off was the fact it was on a supply that had no overload or surge protection. Partly why electrics are often dangerous here in the Philippines if not checked but also checking what other people go and do even after you made everything safe as tinkering is probably the most dangerous of all things as its often done by people who don’t understand the damage they are doing or the risks they are causing.

You also have to remember earthing (or grounding) isn’t too common even though many things are built with metal and could easily send you to an early grave.