Cast Of New Darna Revealed


The full cast of the new Darna was revealed recently in a story conference held by TV network GMA 7. The show, entitled Narda, stars Marian Riviera, who portrays the superheroine Darna, and her alter ego, Narda.

Tapped to play the main antagonist to Rivera’s protagonist is Starstruck alum Iwa Moto. The sexy, half-Japanese actress takes on the role of Valentina-the snake lady- once portrayed by Celia Rodriguez and last by Allessandra De Rossi in the 2005 Darna TV series, which was also on GMA 7.

Mark Anthony Fernandez plays the male lead and love interest of Narda.

Other cast members include antagonists Ehra Madrigal, Nadine Samonte and Isabel Oli; Jestoni Alarcon and Rita Avila who will play Narda’s parents; Janice de Belen and Paolo Contis who will play Valentina’s parents; Buboy Villar as Ding; and Celia Rodriguez in a very special role.

Also in the cast are Gabby Eigenmann, Roxanne Barcelo, Alfred Vargas, Caridad Sanchez and Margaret Wilson.

Narda will be directed by Dominic Zapanta and is slated for an August premiere.

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