Casa Gorordo Museum – Cebu

Casa Gorordo Museum is one of the most popular and well known Museums in Cebu. It is located in Parian district which is amongst the old streets of Cebu. The museum is basically named after Msgr. Juan Gorodo, the owner of  the house and first bishop of Cebu. Don Ramon Aboitiz took ownership of  the house in 1980 and made it a special project and turned it into the museum.

The building is constructed purely with tugas (molave), narra, and bayong (mahogany) accessories. This two storey building is a reflection of the 1860 architecture and the specific lifestyle of the owner. The patio on the ground floor is also the waiting room for guests and its furniture is partially made of bamboo but a gallinera stands out more prominently. The basement for food storage is located near the patio. Among the various artifacts one finds the 18th and 19th century implements of agricultural and household origin. The presence of the plough and other cultivable tools reflect the evolution of farming culture. Large basins made of hard wood and called duwang and 4 big palo palo are also to be found among the collections including the clothes wringers, dryers and wooden plantsa for ironing clothes. 80 to 90% of the furniture in the second floor of the house are original fixtures and display intricate art forms like wood carvings dividing the house into function rooms. In the sala you will find rattan sets and Vienna chairs accompanied by cabinets, tables and beds manufactured from narra or molave having delicate carvings done on them. The dinning rooms and kitchen display kubietos or silverware and antique plates and cups or tazas. The 18th century image also finds recognition in the water jars and cooking accessories. Its an ideal location to get the feel for the time in history and the life that the bishop had around that era.

Information on the Bishop Juan Gorordo

Juan Gorordo was born on April 20, 1862. At the age of 23, specifically on May 31, 1885, he was ordained as a priest. At the age of 47, he became the Auxiliary Bishop of Cebu. His dedication for spreading christianiy and his love of Cebu furthered his role. On April 2, 1910, he was appointed to Bishop of Cebu. And in his death, at the age of 77, he died as Bishop Emeritus of Cebu.

Access information

** you can visit the museum from Monday to Saturday at 9:00 am to 12:00nn and 1:00pm to 5:30pm. Admission prices are very low but I havent added them for the simple reason of having to update the page regulary “but” if you want to add a comment with the current prices please feel free to do so and if its increased by the time someone else visits please also update the post.


35 Lopez Jaena Street Cebu City

Telephone :- 63 32 94576