Casa Gorordo Museum – Cebu, Philippines

Casa Gorordo Museum - Cebu, Philippines, sight seeing,local attraction

An interesting piece of history in Cebu city located in a residential setting, the recently renovated Casa Gorordo Museum has a blend of Spanish, Filipino and Chinese culture and history in what was originally a home before being purchased by the Gorordos family. Gorordo matriarch Donna Telerafora is the main reason for Chinese influence in the museum and his portrait can be found in the main hall. A sign of the multi cultural society that existed before and now in Cebu, Philippines.

The building was originally constructed during the 1850s and uses a blend of traditional materials and craftsmen to make it the building it is today. The lower sections are constructed with Mactan coral stone giving a natural cooling to the home while the upper floors are constructed of local hardwood materials with traditional methods of pegging timber. You will also find traditional antique furniture as well as some interesting photos at the location. In the main forecourt you will find a small cafe to enjoy the afternoon.