Carlos A. Gothong Lines Shipping Guide

Pier 7, Gothong Whaf, F.F. Cruz, Mandaue City
Telephone No. (032) 232-9998 loc 103, 310 or (032) 346-0200
Mobile No. 0918-9279377, 0920-9012259, 0920-9533285
Cebu-Nasipit STARTING AUGUST 31, 2008 (SUNDAY @ 7:00PM)

Cebu – Manila Php 770.00 ONLY (NO MEALS)
Manila – Cebu
(Subic Bay-1) Tuesday 11:00PM
(Cagayan Bay-1) Saturday 6:00AM
(Ozamiz Bay-1) Thursday 11:00PM
Cebu – Nasipit
(Subic Bay-1) Thurday 8:00PM
(Ozamis City Bay-1) Sunday 6:00AM
Cebu – Cagayan
(Butuan Bay-1) Monday 6:00PM
Nasipit – Cagayan
(Subic Bay- 1) Friday 6:00PM
(Ozamis Bay-1 ) Monday 2:00AM
Nasipit – Manila
(Cagayan Bay-1) Wednesday 10:00AM
Cagayan – Cebu
(Cagayan Bay-1 ) Saturday 11:00AM
(Ozamis Bay-1) Monday 6:00PM
Cagayan – Nasipit
(Cagayan Bay-1) Tuesday 5:00PM
Cebu – Manila
(Subic Bay-1) Sunday 5:00AM
Ozamis Bay-1) Tuesday 5:00PM
Cebu – Ozamis
(Butuan Bay-1) Sunday Tuesday Thursday 7:00PM
Ozamis – Cebu
(Butuan Bay-1) Monday Wednesday Friday 8:00PM
Cebu – Iligan
(Butuan Bay-1) Sunday Tuesday Thursday 7:00PM
Iligan – Cebu
(Butuan Bay-1) Monday Wednesday Friday 4:00PM
"Making each trip an affair to remember" All schedules are subject to change without prior notice.
For more queries pls contact: 0920-9533285
Freight: 0918-9279377
Passage: 0920-9012259