Carbon Market – Cebu, Philippines

Carbon Market, Cebu, PhilippinesCarbon Market is named after the coal depository of the Cebu railroad, whose final station was in this area. Carbon is a typical Philippine market where various items, from food stuff to handicraft, may be found. Many of the handicraft stores carry baskets, mats, bags and decorative items from Cebu and Bohol. This is where to pick up your bargain items for the return journey as there are many unique items including hand made guitars in the area. Its a lot cheaper than the airport prices but if you want even cheaper I advise browsing get an idea of what you want or take a snap shot with your camera phone. Then go find somewhere to sit down and get your guide or someone local you know to go back to the store. This pretty much guarantees a lower price every time. As the long nose tax on foreigners is very common but dont worry  people from Manila for example also get over charged its pretty much the norm especially when the area is a tourist area. I find in Minglanilla my home I get the same price as everyone else 9/10 maybe its my white face appearing regularly that makes me remembered as more of a local than a person they see once a year.