Can You Or Your Partner Cook?

Matt's Dinner!

May sound strange but the number of expats who miss good food or go 100% local to save money is surprising considering a bit of work with local ingredients you can get some fantastic meals. I cook and do love cooking but more importantly because I have been recently working more and more my wife April also loves cooking and creates some fabalous meals such as the one above with a mix of carrots,peas,rice,mushrooms in gravy with battered chicken. Everything is local and easy to make. One of the things many guys over look when coming to live here in the Philippines and more importantly if they are settling with a partner is that the local diet is completely different. Cook books and a bit of time in the kitchen is worth it for both of you as me and April when we have time love trying new things and the kitchen is somewhere you can experiment with new dishes and being creative with what ingredients are available. The Philippines has some fantastic seafood available and as I found in Negros some great quality vegetables etc.

I have to admit not getting a good mix of food is depressing and its one of the reasons if your not good at cooking or want your wife to learn to cook maybe some cookery lessons from April might help. Nothing too extreme and may even be better to sit and write down the types of food you like and what you want your partner to taste and try as I am sure you would both be happier with improving the diet. As the saying goes the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

My wife has a blog at by the way if your interested in popping by for some cookery ideas and recipes.