Can you open a barbers shop in the Philippines?

Opening a barbers shop may sound a simple venture, but the Philippines and its laws relating to stopping foreign ownership on so many things including businesses could interfere. Like most ventures I recommend you get backed by a Filipino business partner be it in name only. There is associated risks with that as well.
But opening a barber shop may be an initial starting point as an idea, but to make some serious money would involve getting it to the size of David’s who is a British expat with hundreds of salons throughout the Philippines. Big enough for TV adverts and billboard signs on the large malls.
I would also look at actually becoming accredited as a “trainer” or college for hair and beauty. Why? Because there is opportunities in the Middle East, Cruise Ships and globally people always need to get their hair done somewhere. But also training people can often be more profitable than actually running a barbers shop, Especially in the Philippines.