can you make money out of blogging in the Philippines?

The problem with blogging in the Philippines is that everyone seems to be doing it especially in the Expat communities. But the thing is there is also a huge Filipino community that are looking to make a living off it as well so you end up with an overpopulation of writers looking for the holy grail of blogs. In reality there is a shelf life of most blogs of around 18 months maximum as most people start full of enthusiasm and slowly it whittles away to the time the domain is up for renewal and there is little coinage in the revenues of the site to cover its cost. So upon renewal and looking at the daily hits seeing less than 40 people a day read the blog people generally give up.

So what went wrong? to be honest people will say its all SEO and rankings but in reality its about passion and enjoying a blog. I wrote TropicalPenpals out of the joy of writing and to get information out there as I found a lot of things very hit and miss especially when I wanted specific information. TropicalPenpals is moving up on rankings and is doing well with its SEO side but its all pointless if there wasn’t nearly 1800 articles currently in the system and why do I push the SEO side and rankings for profit? to be honest no its a competition thing for me the money isn’t important although the more money I have in the system the more I can build up TP and travel around more. The other thing with TP is its more of a complete mix as it has specific articles but also a bit of us in most of it giving a more unpolished feel as being honest is more important. Like the kindle on Amazon would be pushing it as a great product if it wasn’t the fact Kento’s arrived and broke within 2 months. The case and general quality of it is cheap and tacky the next generation is better but until I actually see one and it been working for 3 months I won’t say anything on it.

So can you make money on blogging? to be honest if its about the Philippines unless you love to write about the country its going to be a long haul and little profit in it for you. You should write about things because you enjoy it. Profit only comes from good writing and before someone says “do I regard myself as a good writer?” I enjoy writing I don’t see myself as a professional or even a good writer. I just see it as writing about things I want to and people can take it or leave it.