Can you eat healthy or tasty food in the Philippines?

A lot of people complain about the quality of food in comparison to other countries e.g. the Pizza hut here isn’t the same quality as the U.S. / UK and that generally food isn’t of the same quality so eating healthy and tasty food is difficult. But I don’t think its true I think in reality the Western foods are generally a specific shape and too much pre-packed or pre-processed than people should be eating. In the Philippines I have yet to see a microwave meal which is fine since we don’t own a microwave. The local tomatoes are smaller but also cheap. Same with things like Calamansi (local lemon) or fresh peppers from our garden. You do have to put up with some things like local rice being used in an Indian restaurant which is nowhere near as tasty as Basmati as I find it doesn’t absorb the flavours the way basmati does. Small sacrifices and the restaurant quality isn’t as great as the UK? But I wonder is it because the meal costs are a lot cheaper here due to labour costs but at the same time so much goes on behind kitchen doors in the UK I often wonder if its fresh as I know things like Steam ovens and frozen meals are pretty normal but may look the same on a plate. Here generally you can get your hands on fresh produce every day. If your not happy with the quality in the restaurant there is nothing to stop you doing it yourself or if your partner can cook if you can’t I would point them in the direction of Aprils blog as it has plenty of dishes with the information on how to cook them. All made from products we find in the Philippines.

10 minute Tandoori Masala Kebabs


3 comments for “Can you eat healthy or tasty food in the Philippines?

  1. Romy Delima
    July 12, 2010 at 1:06 am

    Is healthy tasty or is tasty healthy? Here in our country we have lots of tasty healthy foods. Only some people enter wrong kitchens with terrible cooking. Matt has a fine chef wife, and he himself knows how to cook. I can say Matt and I have in common. Just seek and you will find.

  2. Tropicalpenpals
    July 12, 2010 at 7:03 am

    Thing is with stuff like KFC your going to get a difference in quality purely down to the regional pricing for local economy. No point doing burgers at P300 each as its only us foreigners that can afford it. The comparison is more foreigner specific as we spend a lot more than most locals. E.g. I think the average salary in Cebu has to be around P7,000 a month yet our expenses are around P30,000+. The fresh seafood,fruit,veg is cheap here you comparison on the Supermarkets isn't a fair one I buy local produce as you know yourself the pricing in the supermarkets are not only fixed at a high rate its mainly Thai food stocks. I pay around 1/4 of the price of things like tomatoes compared to Thai imports. Also the Tesco stock isn't as wide a selection as it used to be and generally find most things are based round pre-packed and single meals e.g. buying a frozen curry is around £2+ each expensive food stocks of low quality. I should do a comparison on making a curry or some other meals so that a real comparison can be made. As the industries are setup very differently between the UK – RP.

  3. Andrew_wearing_well
    July 12, 2010 at 3:38 am

    TO be honest I disagree on just about all of this one, as the price of food here is more expensive in real terms that the uk, as an example lets assume a family spends say 1500 peso a week on food which for say four of them is not too much of the mark, now lets consider that the average salary here is about 10k or below this means that they have a total monthly bill for food of 6k which is 60% of what they earn. In the uk the average salary is about 17 to 18k a year now which is 1400 a month or more if you now consider that an average weekly shopping bill is about 120 a week so 500 a month which is still way below the rate charged in the Philippines. If we now consider quality it is easy to see the quality of fresh fruit and vegetables in your average Tesco is miles ahead of SM or any other of the so called quality supermarkets. Now lets thins about fast foods, have you ever tried KFC over here all the chicken is fatty and has gristle in it the chicken burger or chicken strips have fat in them, that are made with some kind of chicken but it is definitely not the breast meat which is fat free! So sorry guys the quality of food here is lower unless you make it yourself in which case you can eat well but also it is then expensive!