Can poverty in the Philippines be helped?

There are many things you come across in the Philippines which don’t make any sense a bit like the aid money given to India yet India spent millions on a space program. When does helping stop helping is the question, in reality many things here in the Philippines that are taken up by organizations are actually hindering natural development and progress. A stagnant state of affairs where often officials can pilfer money for projects instead of completing them as often its foreign money that is paying anyway. Look at most of the major ones in Cebu you see Japanese flags on them a failing solar farm (failing down to not being maintained) was a Belgium project. What is going on with the localized money? Why is it you see officials living the lives of millionaires if not billionaires while there are people living on street corners? I can understand a lot of land control goes on at the same time why should money from abroad be assisting in holding up a regime that is obviously adversely affecting a local population?

I can understand the fact people want to hang on to the money and hang on to the power but its not a foreign problem it can be blamed on the Spanish and even more up to date the Americans (who allow ousted presidents to come and go as they please in the U.S. in such places as Hawaii). But it doesn’t mean intervening is going to fix the problem. I would go as far to say it actually stops things falling into decline where people take action against they’re country or in fact the government has to actually do its job and function properly otherwise it will see reprisals.

At the same time the “people are living on less than a dollar a day” speech I hear by so many organizations is in fact a complete farce as they bring in no real factors, e.g. people up in the mountains who have they’re own lands can feed themselves and already own a home. They are missing things like good education and healthcare the dollar a day has nothing to do with they’re life yet these people in remote areas are the poorest of the poor in many respects with hard lives. At the same time city beggars probably make a lot more than a dollar a day and as such is why gangs exist that use children to exploit them for money, you have seen Slum dog millionaire right? well its the same. If you want to give something to a street kid take them to a BBQ station and feed them don’t give money. Rugby glue sniffing is another problem but also tied into controlling kids as they don’t go off to a hardware store for it but buy small cap full from a dealer. Seen kids as young as 6 already addicted to glue sniffing and they will be lucky to make it to teenage years.

You see this is the problem big organizations need poverty to feed off it like a leech or other parasite, you see shiny offices and they are all over the world but how much goes on administration? how much actually reaches the people it needs to after its been stolen by organizations quickly followed by local officials wanting in on the action as well? Doesn’t have to be direct cash things like importation taxes and having to “grease the wheels” to get things done swiftly soon hamper things moving forward and cost money. In reality prostitution and begging is normal here yet I haven’t seen anything positive in stopping it happening, most people seem to come from outside the areas they beg from other islands same as the prostitution yet why are they coming in the first place? Why aren’t they going back? why aren’t things being done to make them aware of the risks of moving to the cities and being forced into prostitution or becoming addicted to drugs and on the streets?

Why is it when you walk round certain parts of towns and cities the Police aren’t driving people out and away from those areas that are normally important to tourism and trade? These are the big questions that are a growing problem yet I hear no answers.

Population growth is one of the issues but in reality many people could stay in the provinces, education needs to be brought to communities that need it most as well as long-term assistance instead of short term projects like feeding programs. Encouraging people to return to where they came from, corruption needs to stop or withdrawal of all aid until it heavily reduces as it affects everyone in they’re daily lives from customs officials down to getting permits from a local mayor or even license registration. Food import restrictions, technology,machinery things that could revolutionize the country are held back on a regular basis leaving the Philippines more in line with Burma than Singapore or Taiwan. This was a growing tiger economy yet its a shadow of its former self and aid isn’t helping its making life worse.

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