Cameroon Speech to address current UK financial crisis

It was interesting to watch not for what is about to be done but for replies that people gave. It reinforced the thought that a lot of the “public” really haven’t got a clue how bad things are and on top of that the blind labour voters many still think the labour government that lost the last election heavily were right? Come on.. I planned to leave for the Philippines over two years ago and had predicted the recession three years ago. No doubt these same people supported the Rover car group which from the people I met who worked there over the years who got made redundant they were lazy, heavily unionised (would look to strike if they could!) and generally living in a world of their own. Same reason the Post office is being split up. There is talk of the Thatcher years reimerging but has anyone looked at the state of the economy in depth? does anyone realise how much money is wasted on the NHS and government workers? What about the pensions of civil servants and how much that bleeds out of the economy? I have worked within government departments previously and most are bloated with management lack “front line staff” (which is something people seem to assume is the man on the street or the receptionist in the offices) but what people don’t realise is how many supervisors, health and safety officials, managers, PA’s and other people riding the gravy train sit above the “front line staff” and they have continously grown for over a decade to a point it just doesn’t make any sense. Yet in government departments most people are looking at their pension not efficencies or actually making a decision to sort the mess out! because at the end of the day ALL government departments will over spend their budgets on purpose to remove the risk of a budget cut. They won’t sort the mess out of overstaffing because its a sure way to find your next at some point.

The bickering needs to stop that’s for sure and for some of the blind politicians to start realising its not all Rosie in Westminster. Also getting to grips with the “Benefit classes” really has to be done as well as that gravy train is getting bigger and if its done “fairly” as its being sold as.. I think people need to feel it from the bottom all the way to the top. Being unemployed shouldn’t be as easy as it is. There are still jobs out there people choose not to do and to be honest I don’t have the option of not paying people on the dole so I don’t think they should have such an easy life. Well enough of my thoughts for now as like most politicians do they have spoken but lets see what action is done before judging for or against.

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  1. Tropicalpenpals
    June 8, 2010 at 7:31 am

    frontline services has been something pushed forward by labour for a long time yet where did all that money go they spent on the NHS? there was no drastic improvements. Less beds, less quality of service. Also the fact that most of the council tax that is collected pretty much gets swallowed up by our so called front line services where WPC's get the same salary but demand “children friendly hours?” and still want the nightshift allowance? People in the fire service retiring with a nice pension who then carry on for another 7+ years in a desk job? And lets not forget even the telephone operators get the same benefits in the fire brigade. Sympathy I have none as everything I have earned I earned it. Im sick of paying for bloated government services and the so called poor! I have a lot of friends who would be better off on the dole but choose to work as they don't want to be a burden. Its about time those on the dole were forced to work.
    Of course the wealthy elite in the UK won't be affected as badly as everyone else and they will jiggle it round to take from one hand and give with another but that is true in any country. To remove it involves a full revolution and it will end up back where it started sooner or later in history.

  2. Tropicalpenpals
    June 8, 2010 at 7:41 am

    Dave – READ again my passage on the NHS that was my point! where is the improvements? Like you said its all gone on managers and meetings I seen it for myself as I used to deal with 8 hospitals in the West Midlands regions most of the time I look at the table of people talking and nothing getting done and wonder why is there so many people sat round the table surely 1 manager can do the job of 10. The truth of the matter is the NHS doesn't need more money it needs less corruption (that includes hyped budgets which I have had dealings with before when clients requested invoices upto 3 years in advance!! just to spend money before April). Parking should always be free at hospitals and its something that really annoyed me in Worcester. There is more than enough money in the system it needs using properly.

  3. Tropicalpenpals
    June 8, 2010 at 7:41 am

    You obviously haven't worked in a factory? where there is no pension for many long hours and poor pay? The salaries in a lot of the services are too high for the work required and lets not forget the housing allowances that certain groups get. The general public aren't so lucky why do we keep getting cutbacks on services let me guess its the public sector pensions.. the same reason when its revised your civil servants do go out on strike. Lets not forget the Fire service DO GO ON STRIKE and had to be covered by the Army. The prison service is understaffed and I spent some time at Brixton Prison working a couple of years ago but at the same time how many groups are operating in the Prisons seems to be an excessive amount of social workers, drug workers, etc. etc. want to know where your money goes? I have no issue with Prison staff as they have a hard job but a lot of the money is spent before it reaches them. But then again did you get a good pension when you retired? As I who have paid an excessive amount of taxes and NI have only got my Government pension that is worthless if I ever bothered with it. FAIR system means fair for all not “its fair for me”.

  4. Tropicalpenpals
    June 8, 2010 at 7:42 am

    Elite? I have worked for everything I have got and should be punished for it? I should pay excess taxes to pay for services I will never need or use? Fair service is about across the board if people want me to pay 50% tax then so should everyone as it bites just as hard regardless of financial status. At the end of the day I spent nearly a decade studying and 20 years of work to get my education and experience why is my salary high? because too many people are too lazy to take up an education that is badly needed there is a huge shortage of skilled engineers worldwide why isnt money being spent to get the people educated and into demand areas? I live in the Philippines that is classed as a third world country but the UK keeps going the way it is it will join it. Difference is here people know the way out of poverty is education and they are training thousands of nurses, doctors, mariners and they leave the country in droves each year. Problem in the UK is people expect to sit in a nice office with a computer and then want good pay as well and wonder why the system doesn't support it ongoing? Its because its non-productive and its where the whole world wants to sit. Engineers, electricians etc. there will always be a demand and a growing one purely because we rely more and more on technology. Yet the UK has no real apprenticeship program to get people moving and trained. Its sat on its hands since the 1990s. I am not an Elite I am a realist I am working to provide a retirement and my own pension funds because I cannot rely on the funds I already paid. I am not relying on what the government tells us but what I know and think. I started to move out of the UK 3 years ago while people were still discussing how great things were going.. why? because I knew then the UK was finished or at least going to end up where we are today.

  5. Dave Deakin
    June 8, 2010 at 7:30 am

    sorry but the only people who are in it together are the poor, sick and front line services ie nurses firemen police and lower scale civil service the likes of cameron and bankers are not (in it together)they will be imune to the cuts and again the british public will fall for it sorry for the rant

  6. Dave Deakin
    June 8, 2010 at 7:32 am

    sorry if i hit a nerve matt …but at the momment i am involved with underprivaledged kids and i can see ist hand what theses cuts do at the lower end of the scale these kids did not ask to be born .nhs dont make me laff the money goes on managers pay and more meetings than a butchers shop ask the hard working nurses who even have to pay for the privalidge to park at there place of work where as the execs get free marked out special parking no 1 as given me or the missus anything in life we have had to manage ..bringing up a family and morgages and as i look back at life i am not bitter ..just believe in fairness for all…so i take it you are 1 of thr elite then matt ….lol

  7. Danny Barry
    June 8, 2010 at 7:33 am

    what you say is true dave.

  8. Danny Barry
    June 8, 2010 at 7:34 am

    matt, i have just read what you have written, and think you need to read what you have written a nd think about it.i worked in the prison service for 30yrs so i know about the police fireservice etc.poor pay cannot risk etc.COME ON MATT GET A LIFE,COME INTO THE REAL WORLD

  9. Andrew Swarbrick
    June 8, 2010 at 7:37 am

    Andrew Swarbrick I think in many ways you are spot on Matt, the uk is in for some very severe pain and it wont be short term either. The whole subject of cutting the welfare state is one that finds two very polarized views that go form cut it all make them all work to the no these people are entitled to this the system is there to help people. At the high level its easy to have one of these two views and most of us fit within one of the two camps, however dig a little deeper and we find its nothing like as easy to define which camp you belong to and most of us fit somewhere between the two. Let me try and give a few examples to show what I mean, the first is that everyone who claims benefit for not working should be made to work which a lot of us would day yes I agree with, now lets lay across this the fact that one of these people has a young child is that still required when in order to make them work we would have to provide child care which would actually cost more than the benefit was currently pay them. Most of us would then say ok lets wait till the child goes to school then this person can work part time to get their benefit, which again sounds good, however what is clear that half of the women on this perpetual benefit do so by every year or tow having another kid so as to negate this criteria.
    As we begin to see how its not as easy to decide how to do these things as in reality beneath the top level there are a myriad of specific cases which we would probably decide should be funded or not, the problem is the ones most of us would select to be funded are different in each case.
    This is the reasons I think you half to take the tough decision to just do it and except that some of the most vulnerable in society will loose out and some of the better off will be fine. This I am afraid is the way it is there is simple no way to decide on specific cases so lets not even try just do it and except the pain some will feel and also I’m afraid except that some kids will be lost to the system and so people will be lost to the system and know that they may be damaged for life. There has been times in the uks history when this has happened before ie the wars we understood that hundreds of thousands of men an women would be damaged for the rest of their lives yet we had to do it as we had no other choice. In summary I think we will end up excepting that yes some of the most vulnerable in society will be hurt or even damaged by these decisions, yet we cannot help that fact lets just say ok it sucks yes but do we need to do it yes we do.
    I think part of the issue we face is vey few people understand the sheer scale of the problems finds itself in and regardless of who we blame for it the fact remains we have these issues to face. We currently increase or borrowing by an extra 158 billion pounds every year so lets understand that we are not say our debt is 158 billion we are saying it increases by another 158 billion each and every year. Clearly this can not continue or the international money markets will make us make the changes that need to be done by simply not lending us any more money thus making us completely bankrupt which would cause more pain than any of us have ever seen.
    One thing is for sure all of these issues are much easier to take when you are sat 7 or 8 thousand miles away as I do.

  10. Danny Barry
    June 8, 2010 at 7:37 am

    hi, just had a quick read,if all the people who claimed benefits were made to work, where are the JOBS to come from.i can go on and on .just say we beg to differ, i shall not email anymore

  11. Andrew Swarbrick
    June 8, 2010 at 7:38 am

    Andrew Swarbrick The jobs would be public works projects cleaning area for public use even help road digging youth projects to help younger people out the list could go on and on there are not the end result jobs that's true but the idea is to give people something to do for the money they get it creates the link between effort and reward not simply hold out your hand as it is now. There are thousands of small or large projects people could help in as we would have to pay for these to be done anyway so why not ask the people we are paying to help do that work it seems logical to me anyone who believes people have a god given right to get money for nothing is living in dream land the UK is screwed up wake up this is not a theoretical discussion on what we most like or not this is we have no money we will be cut off by the money markets if wee do not make the hard choices so saying well where will these all these jobs come from or this particular person will be hurt is'nt going to solve it we all have different views on what we should cut or not so lets just do it and stop trying to figure out a perfect solution when there clearly is not one!

  12. Tropicalpenpals
    June 8, 2010 at 2:26 pm

    Danny – forgot to add about the life risk etc. a lot of the work I do is because the companies I contract to their own staff are “NOT” insured to carry out the work so they hire people like me in to do it as well as a lot of contracts where their own staff refuse to do it. Do I ask for danger pay? do I go on strike? answers :- I get the going rate which doesn't have a pension. I don't go on strike because I work for me..

  13. Tropicalpenpals
    June 8, 2010 at 2:30 pm

    The banks have manipulated the markets to suit themselves. Tie that also with the way data is now collected on everything from DVLA to Tesco club points big companies know pretty much everything about you. Your right Jim about the pushing of borrowing but at the same time the push from the media was all golden as well.. how many TV shows were about how to make money from property? A golden era had begun or what a lot of people thought. Truth of the matter is we got spin on literally everything. Its why the country is financially overburdened. But the argument for improving our youths chances is also a very valid one as without skilled labour the UK will be stuck with having to get migrant workers yet still having unemployment. Both are a drain on the economy. I remember when Rover closed and they did a survey in the West Midlands about jobs and an agency came forward with thousands of care worker and nursing jobs problem is a Car worker although self supporting and doing some exports nursing and care is supported primarily by taxpayers. There is no current balance in the system for what people pay for to what people need. The UK population is getting older and obesity and alcoholism is becoming the norm. More health care workers but where is the more finances to cover it? Needs restructuring by people outside of the Government departments because one thing is for sure a director on a housing association for example isn't going to put their name on the list for being made redundant yet the numbers don't add up.

  14. Tropicalpenpals
    June 8, 2010 at 5:08 pm

    The consumer market is a huge part of the problem but its also how things are marketed to people. The keeping up with the Jones's the kids need the latest toys. etc etc. same BS we were discussing about the school system in the Philippines in the fact its all a false state of status. The problem as well is we have allowed the U.S. to seep into our nation as well with the social hip hop and its don't work for it but kill for it mentality. On top of that the ripples with the US housing market collapsed was tied into the UK buying up the same bad debts.. Its taken a long time for the UK to get into this state and it needs to start changing peoples mentality on the high street to stop them buying things they don't need as well. Look at the recession everything was based on TV on what people were buying for Christmas, not the jobs lost or the export downturn.. but saying hey look go buy some more surely you can find another credit card to stick something on. Maybe you need a new car? how about a car scrapping scheme? no?? how about a new central heating boiler on a scrap scheme? It should have been discussing getting people to cut credit cards up and how to reduce their debts. Not a happy Christmas but one that should have been used for preparing for what is now being faced. Everyone is part of the problem and need to be part of the solution. But at the same time people need to act when they are being lied to by governments instead of grumblings protesting and making voices heard..

  15. Dave Deakin
    June 8, 2010 at 2:28 pm

    Dave Deakin matt you have sparked a healthy debate m8…i agree with a lot of what you say regarding apprentices (i did mine in engenering) lack of skills comming through the ranks of the young (again i see this with what i am doing now) but again not a lot of incentive for them and working people will feel the pension pinch as final salary schemes around the uk go tits up and people are forced to go pay as you go system this will i guess fail and people will be suing companies in the future for mis sold pension schemes which dont pay out just like the mis-sold morgages and once again the financial houses will bury thre head take your hard earned cash and say you should have read the small print shares go down as well as up and we cant predict the future and get away with it again you just watch….when i started work44 yrs ago the banks wanted you to bank with them because you where paid in cash and they wanted it. now over the years the banks have turned it round you are no longer paid in cash .you are paid straight into the bank at the end of the month we have now lost control of our own money the banks have control and are at there mercy with so called charges……thx for the debate matt and good luck in the future

  16. Jim Cunningham
    June 8, 2010 at 2:29 pm

    Matt the problems started when Blair took office in 97 then the deluge of junk mail started through the letter box offering Bank Loans to people who could not afford them.Next was the retailers offering interest free credit with cursory credit checks then it was credit card offers.The end result was the people who could ill afford them got into debt.
    The Bank of England stood by and let it happen knowing the bubble would burst someday.Now we have the consequences to tackle and it will not just be those in debt that suffer but also those who did not take up the offers because they lived by the rule if you don't have the money you cannot have the goods.The people who have worked all their lives will suffer with earnings related pensions being affected and also those who genuinely rely on Social Services.There is no such thing as a free lunch and I'm afraid some people won't enjoy three square meals a day due to the fiscal measures the present government will have to take.
    It's not about blame its about putting the house in order and learning from our mistakes not to let it be repeated ever, ever,ever again !!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Dave Deakin
    June 8, 2010 at 2:36 pm

    very true matt

  18. Andrew Swarbrick
    June 8, 2010 at 5:06 pm

    I think it is all too easy to simple blame Blair or the banks but lets be fare did the bank force anyone to take a loan that they knew in their own hearts they should not take as would struggle to pay it back. I personally I have a real issue with this blame someone else for our problems society we are creating. Are the banks blameless in what has happened, absolutely not, some of the loans that allowed were nuts but a loan is not a one sides transaction, you have the person who take the loan and they clearly must have been insane to take a loan they had little chance of repaying. The banks over extended themselves but for me lets blame them for what they did which was allowing their commercial arm i.e. dealing with consumers connect with their trading arm i.e. the ones that did deals on credit default swops which in reality are really a very large legal casino, basically gambling. Those two operations should never have been allowed to connect and the person who allowed that was actually Bill Clinton who took the shackles of the USA banking sector and this is were the majority of these issues started.
    So guys blame the banks for what they did but also let the fools to took out loans they couldn’t afford take their share of the blame its far to easy to simply say it was Blair or the banks. There is plenty of blame to go around but most of it lives with consumers as well!

  19. Kevin Saunderson
    June 8, 2010 at 6:36 pm

    I agree Matt why do the english just say ” TUT TUT ” yet never do anything we need to react more against the people who got us in this stupid mess,David Cameron sais times are gonna be hard for everyone mmm im sure he will not notice any difference in his house.Also your right about real poverty nobody in the uk suffers what i would call real oerty in comparison to Phils and other really poor countries, yeah the scrappage scheme was thought up to help car dealers not the people INGATS friend !!

  20. Tropicalpenpals
    June 9, 2010 at 2:00 pm

    Hi Dave,
    good to see you here.. the problem with is many people look at the new car, house etc. all as their own instead of the way it should be looked it “its the banks!”. If more people looked at it that way a lot less people would have gotten into debt. But the other problem is that “its ok” to go bankrupt.. infact in many cases its easier to go bust as you owe more than you own. Banks shun upon this action but isn't it the taxpayer that had to sort their finances out? Ok life will be hard for 5 years until the bankruptcy is settled but after that?? Also it may be difficult to get a mortgage in the future but if I was riddled with debt I know what I would be doing same mentality as those who don't save for the future or don't want to work. Someone else will pick up the tab. I know its the wrong mentality but at the same time I wonder why I should be positive and find my way through the minefield of life while others take an easy ride on the backs of others.. The benefit system wasn't designed for the way people abuse it these days and the financial institutions should have been more careful with their money. But at the same time more care should have been done by government bodies to help people learn about budgeting and financing as well as people taking more responsibility for actions. The next speech from Cameroon on the budget will be an interesting one and I hope it hits home in many camps. May seem harsh now but its a future for our children that's important and about time the UK stopped helping out China and started looking to its own shores for employment and manufacturing.

  21. dave
    June 9, 2010 at 12:04 pm

    excellent matt you have made me look at things a bit different .
    the crisis looming is a product of greedy people . bankers goverment and ordenary joe blogs who was given the oportunity to better themselves but at a cost which we know now will be huge,
    Just cast your mind back 12 years everything was rosey get your morgage 10 times your income put every thing you can has income even the wives p/t job with avon or ann summers parties and magic there ya go big morgage
    2 years down the line oooppps kids start to arrive you struggle with the morgage and bills but not to worry the nice banker tells you that a second morage is available at competetive rates so being human you accept 80%extra get that new car holiday abroad everything is rosey for a while
    then a few years down the line and more kids and older kids expenses rise so what do we do back to our friendley morgage arranger 3rd morgage on house valued at 300k so lets party time new state of the art 54″lcd tv .uber pc lap top i phone ps3 for the kids (really) w11 and all accesories opps forgot that new car again and the exotic holiday we r too good for spain now
    2008 arrives BANG more money wonder why (nothin to do with me guv) lost job but hey house is worth loads so sell and recouperate wrrrong house price has plummeted morgaged to 250k house now worth 200k negative equity and cant sell cos banks have no money to lend because they were too busy buying up bad debt and trying to make big killings.
    To top it all the motor now needs m.o.t.
    and it failed.
    To err is to be human huuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmm