Calamansi Homemade Deodrant

imageWhen I read it I thought it was a little bit odd smearing armpits with Calamansi lemons but when I mentioned it to my wife she already knew about it.

The thing is it may initially be sticky to begin with but the skin soon absorbs it and it leaves you with none stinky armpits. More importantly to a white skin obsessed nation it does actually make your armpits whiter as well. A lot cheaper than some whitening soap and readily available from the bush!

Anyway just wanted to pass on this tip although having 4 showers a day seems to do the trick for me in keeping the sweat away. But whatever your doing with the Calamansi it is worth noting that ants hate lemon so rubbing the left over Calamansi skins around doors and windows and any other locations you get bothered by ants does put them off for a while.