Buying secondhand vehicles in the Philippines

What happened should be a warning to anyone buying second hand vehicles in the Philippines. The guy was asked to fix a motorcycle by someone he knew and it became obvious the motorbike would be difficult to fix and the owner didn’t have enough budget to carry out the full repairs to get it operational. After a bit of thought the owner offered to sell the motorbike for P5,000 as spares as it wouldn’t start. The mechanic thought it was a good offer so then bought the motorbike problem was shortly after he was arrested for having a stolen motorcycle and was released from jail this morning (after nearly 2 weeks in jail). He wasn’t aware the motorbike was stolen at the time and as it was unfit for purpose when he bought it he hadn’t checked the paperwork fully. If buying a vehicle make sure you do the transfer of paperwork properly and even more so make sure the vehicle is the persons in the first place.