Buying plants in the Philippines

Word of mouth like most things in the Philippines is the best way to get a good price but also to get things you can’t find elsewhere. A prime example of that is these plants I bought.

Fern? Buying plants in the Philippines hibiscus/gumamela hydrangeas Marigold  Peppers

The other thing is it pays off word of mouth as generally everyone seems to have green plants here which did start to make me wonder what can actually survive in the climate. Coming across the seller via my wife’s mother I was pleasantly surprised in not only the quantity of plants and colours but also the price. They cost P25 each not including the pot in the marigold picture which cost an extra P35 from another merchant. The important thing is though they are out there and can be found! I am slowly starting to develop the changes I want in the neighbourhood to get people to be proud of what they have and hopefully get them to get into the spirit of having a beautified area that not only they will enjoy but encourage others the same.

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  1. Peter Clark
    September 6, 2011 at 3:32 am

    I’m a gardener and love to grow 24/7 but I have to accept that there is a limit to what plants can grow in this tropical paradise. Chiltern seeds I believe will send seeds here (mark plain envelope!) but I’ve had little success from the many that I’ve tried to germinate and the ones that do, shrivel up. Not giving up though and the next house will have an aircon greenhouse where hopefully I can germinate at 20 degs and slowly emerge the young plants to the normal temps of 29.
    Perhaps we can obtain seeds of other tropical plants from seed merchants in places like Hawaii or similar?