Buying peppers in the Philippines

On Sunday I had a bit of a rush going on but managed to escape to meet up with Rob to go and see some plants. We are both currently experimenting with grow your own in sustainable ways. With the propagator not giving me a high return on my investment I decided to see if I could buy peppers instead of growing them initially. Arrived at the market to find these beauties..

buying peppers in the Philippines

The odd thing I did get hit with foreigner tax i.e. overcharged purely for being a foreigner which doesn’t normally happen as this is my neighbourhood but this person neither knows me and only appears on a Sunday. So wait for it I paid P25 for the Pepper plants I bought three all in a similar state of growth with peppers already ripe to eat. Now the local price is P10 and to be honest I was more than happy to pay P25 for the simple reason being peppers not even this good in quality cost P7 each in the supermarket so getting 2 – 3 per plant that will have new growth means that in reality I have near enough paid for just the peppers without the plant at all if you compared it that way.