Buying Furniture

The time we have spent shopping in Cebu you realise getting good furniture is not as easy as it seems. A lot of the stores seem to stock very poor quality furniture or if its reasonable its normally damaged. Not sure if it’s down to the fact that some of the larger chains are buying damaged stocks from manufacturers and then selling it in the stores as there is virtually no competition. Either way a lot of the stock I have come across is not only overpriced to the point its more expensive than it would be in the West but also the fact that it’s damaged and normally dirty or dusty. Especially in places such as Gaisano. By chance the other day we came across a small outlet that is manufacturing but also produces stocks for sale and although they most definitely aren’t cheap you are getting “quality bargains”. A good coffee table can be picked up for around P6,000 which similar in the UK would set me back around £200+ Its mainly rattan furniture but its all good stock including beds. They are advertising 50% off on the flyer and I would advise taking a visit if your buying furniture. They aren’t far from Pardo Parish Church on the same street as Inayawan Brgy Hall. “Jaca Street, Pardo”

Telephone :- 273 0681 / 273 7077 / 09228809422

I don’t make any money off this advertisement… the reason I’m posting it is simply I’m fed up with being ripped off for things myself so if I can help others save money all the better. Also if you have other businesses that you think are worth noting please pass the information on.