Buying a motorcycle in the Philippines

Buying a motorcycle or any other vehicle or product is a lot more simple than it seems often its up to the discretion of the business owner or bank. As a foreigner its one of those perks that you have is that everyone assumes your rich so they also assume you are not going to be a problem paying. One thing they will try to do is put a joint owner due to you being a flight risk, normally wanting a Filipino to co-sign so as long as your able to make the payments and have a valid license you can pretty much get on the road. An important thing people do overlook though is the cost of buying vehicles due to the finance on them it is always cheaper to pay cash as in most cases the interest rates are extremely high and if paying over three years you could probably have bought 2 or 3 motorcycles for the same money if you had it cash. An important thing when buying though is to ask for free things! there is often free T-Shirts, Jackets, helmets and 101 other things as well as a 13th month service if you don’t ask more often than not you won’t get. Same goes when your paying around Christmas time as you can hassle them for free calendars.