Buying a computer (PC) in Cebu for home or business

With me doing more at the net-cafe than I had originally thought I would be we are now expanding the business out. A lot of you probably aren’t aware that I was an Electronics Engineer primarily in servicing and maintenance before moving into the construction industry. I have worked for some of the largest companies in Europe directly and indirectly as a consultant troubleshooting on all sorts of things. From building management systems which a lot of people probably aren’t aware that many buildings have heating,cooling, lighting etc. all controlled by a centralised computer system. But anyway what has this got to do with buying a PC.

The answer being I am here! so if I am at the Net-cafe most of the time it makes sense to start doing repairs and maintenance on electronics as well as offering a computer system service which will match prices of the localised businesses but also with the added fact your getting someone who isn’t just selling a PC but understands what its like when things don’t work and that’s why you can actually test drive the gaming PC’s as we have them running in the net-cafe as well to see if it does what you need it to do. Can’t say fairer than that..

We also do older machines and surplus as I am aware we don’t all want to be paying high budgets for a computer that might only be needed for typing up letters. So later on today I will be starting an on-line shop for the computers. We also do upgrades and will “test” the equipment on site before you collect. If you buy extra memory or a 2nd hard drive for example we will install “for free” at our store.

A second post will follow this one with more information.