Busy doing nothing working the whole day through..

Its strange how time disappears quicker than you realise. Im not sure if its im more busy than usual or the heavy rain has led to it getting darker earlier. Either way I seem be running out of time most days in comparison to what I want to be doing. TropicalPenpals has had a few glitches lately which I have been juggling to fix as getting it running the bits I want it to at the same time reducing its load time have been a task and a half. But at the same time I have been noticing quota limits appearing in my remote access to the site which tells me that Host Gator have been restricting things as well which is no doubt affecting the time it takes to load up. But of course they don’t tell you!

So I am looking around for a host which is another task on its own because readership wise its mainly U.S. and the Philippines that read the blog overall. So do I move the hosting to a better server in the U.S. or do I move it to the Philippines?

One of my friends suggested moving it to the UK but to be honest the amount of readership compared to the other readers doesn’t justify it. I would rather the site loaded most where the regular majority are.

Anyway enough of the site moving will ponder that nearer the time and keep looking. Things have been slowly moving lately not a lot going on although have started working out the designs on some kitchen units and seen a wood saw I would like to buy if I can find some extra funds. Generally these days instead of impulse buying I look at things and then try and work a project towards that goal means I don’t overspend and its stuff we actually do need over what we would like. The wood saw would also come in handy for a few of the furniture ideas I am looking at. I find furniture here generally is overpriced and a lot of it is factory junk that didn’t make the grade for export. I don’t mind paying a premium but I want a premium product not price! I was a carpenter for over 10 years so best I can come up with is making some for ourselves at the same time will build jigs so I can make for other people on request. Hopefully that will pay for itself over the next few years as I believe the speed I work and better workmanship will justify a bit extra on the price for people buying. Reason being it won’t be a lot more than they are going to pay for some flat pack stuff in some mall. Difference is it will be built to last and in solid wood. Chipboard and MDF won’t be in sight..

Back to work.. stuff to do today trying to get a few things running in the net-cafe so speak later..