Busy Day Again

The Peso-peso machine may have been finished yesterday but it didn’t mean I was going to be left sat around today. For a start one of the solder joints on the other Peso-peso had come loose which knocked the sound off so first job was getting in there to solder it properly. Issue I have found with solder here is a very inferior mix that needs a lot more heat than it should to melt. Not good for components but lucky enough this was a power leg on the board.

The neighbours computer also had to be built as I got awoken this morning with “when can they pick it up?” yet they hadn’t even told me they wanted the work done. Case of mixing their broken machine with one of my old internet PCs to create a fast computer out of all the components with plenty of memory. Took longer than I expected with doing some of the software side for them as well but another job done.

The day was pretty much like that the whole time with stuff constantly wanting doing and we have a friend stopping over tonight so I can’t get into my office (he’s asleep up there on the sofa bed). So no photos again of the Peso-Peso but I think you get the gist of what it looks like from the other images. The next machine will probably be finished by Saturday as well as I bought a lot of double components for the first one in case of faulty goods or anything going pop. So cut the side panels already and will just need to get another sheet of ply for the other pieces.

There are a few things I changed on the design of the peso-peso though as the more I look at the way its put together the more I want to improve it. At the same time the coin slots I have found so far aren’t great as there seems to be a difference between the old one peso coin and the new ones, this is resulting in coin rejects when talking to neighbours about it they then said about how the water machines are the same as they wondered why they won’t take some coins.

By the time I finished up and done everything it was another day gone.