Busy building in the Philippines

Some of you have probably been wondering where I have been lately as the blog got a bit quiet. The first reason is I simply couldn’t use the keyboard due to the injuries sustained in an accident. But more importantly I have been constructing as usual and will upload some photos today. The quality compared to the first apartment has improved a lot primarily because I have only used one worker and myself to do the work involved. This has meant that things I know the worker is capable of he get’s things I  know I won’t be happy with I did myself and although fairly slow going forward it is actually all coming together and without any wastage. What I found before when having a team of guys in is you can’t watch them all at the same time and generally they don’t care about damaging things. One guy is paranoid he will get the blame for things he didn’t do never mind what he did so extra care gets taken on everything. The internet cafe is still plodding along although found that its not making enough to entertain my time lately and its getting to the stage where I either automate it all or look to convert into a helpdesk/web design office and pretty much just run a full-time business there. Only thing stopping me to be honest is I know the next nearest net-cafe is about 1/4 mile away and don’t really like the kids having to go that far especially after the recent murder in the area. Wonder how many other people in the area are socially aware of others?

Anyway so that has slowed down things a little bit as we move things around to accommodate our work and now its getting to the stage of ripping out another section of desks to install the kitchen. Question is do I reinstall the PCs or just stack them up? Only really need the extra  PCs when there is kids straight from school as we end up with people piling in. I will build the kitchen units similar to my friend John as its a bit more pleasing to the eye than the concrete ones especially with this being more of a studio apartment.

Anyway will follow up this article later on today with some new photos and also some tips on saving cash.