Business scams in the Philippines – scanner manipulation

This is one thing that affects everyone and something we often don’t even notice what is going on but the computerisation of equipment in most stores can and is often manipulated. Malls and department stores are part of this problem where they make the supplier liable for any goods missing from stock yet often its down to computer glitches or things being stolen as they arrive. Either way the big companies bully suppliers into shouldering the full cost and some of these things that happen are unavoidable for a supplier as the machines scanning goods in are owned and operated by mall/store owners and not the suppliers. Doesn’t just happen here as I have seen it in the UK as well where companies refuse to pay if they don’t have the correct paperwork or there is a query on anything even though they may know its correct. Reason for that is a delaying tactic in extending the payment terms.

Now how does this affect the consumer? well manipulation at the checkout is one of the problems that happens as the price you see things aren’t often the prices registering on the till receipt and computer. I have had this happen at Asda in Malvern in the UK several times but never at any other store. Anyway the point is things get overpriced and often without people noticing as they are busy putting things on the conveyor or sorting out their money to pay. Can it be done on purpose I will leave that up to you to decide here is Kmart :-