Business loyalty in the Philippines

Business loyalty I find in general doesn’t exist in the same way it would in the UK. For example my father uses the same post office every time for his mail. We have supermarkets we stick to and generally UK people have a habit of sticking to companies they trust at the same time if the trust is lost more often than not they would do what they can to never use them again.

Philippines completely different kettle of fish and even when things aren’t business related attitudes are different. Prime example of that is a friends swimming pool where guests treat it like a mini resort drinking his beer and making a mess round the pool before leaving. Now the pool is left empty unless he’s using it himself and funnily enough don’t get as many visitors or so called friends.

But getting back to loyalty the internet cafe has taken a bit of a beating lately with the introduction of peso-peso machines as lots of mini cafes have opened up all around obviously seeing ours was working so have gone as far as possible to saturate the market. For us converting over to peso-peso has been on the cards (coin slot operated computers) simply because we don’t have to be there all the time as well as the server being switched off saving another computers electric. But its just staggering the way people disappear to other net-cafes purely because they are new. But today pretty much worked out most of the wiring for the electronic timer, coin slot and relay circuit so the first machine should be operational in the next week. But just goes to show the mentality as I know we will run the PC’s outside and they are already paid for so eventually the cafe’s around us will shutdown again (they always do). The net-cafe building is already 3/4 through its conversion into an apartment so no real loss on our part as it gives us an opportunity to change our setup and then double the income (as the computers will be housed separately + rental income from the apartment).

But I also see the loyalty stuff just based on promotions as people will swap brands if a better deal comes up from another company even though they had problems with the company previously. If this is consumerism no wonder things end up declining if its all based on cutting costs and quality to make money. But like most things here business is about doing things locals can’t afford to start up and on top of that if you can get away with doing it offshore with a higher profit margin all the better.