Business In The Philippines A Good Idea To Avoid Tax In The UK?

Tax Evasion

Recently I came across an article for the UK which involved letters going to 50,000 plumbers in the UK demanding they declare any work they had done off the books and to pay tax on it in the UK. This has swiftly been followed up by raids to seize assets and anything that will prove that plumbers have been doing a lot of their work “off the books”.

They deserve it I hear and some do to be honest with the amount they charge for “emergency repairs” when they know you either pay up or sit at home with a burst water pipe and no heating through the winter. At the same time its a sign of the state of the nation when they are chasing people for every bit of tax they can find as the country is looking to pick people up and shake them upside down until they have emptied their pockets of any financial gain they have had without declaration of tax. At the same time are they chasing firemen that are well known as double shifting? (one for the fire brigade and another job they do on the side as most of the time as a fireman they are resting “awaiting” an emergency). Its when I look at this stuff I start to wonder what is going to happen to a lot of the website development stuff as the UK starts to look to exploit every avenue for cash? Are we going to see some strange links between income and revenue generation that says that your tapping away at a keyboard at home is classed as a business and should be declared? Because a lot of E-bay sellers are unemployed officially same as many part-time web developers. If a hunt opens up for that avenue outsourcing is about to expand even further as people drop the part-time stuff in the hope it doesn’t affect their benefits.

But here is where Business in the Philippines comes in as the UK government currently can’t do anything about the assets and businesses you operate half way round the world and it also means you can do a lot of business operations over in the Philippines avoiding any of the real hassles as simply everything is offshore. E-bay business could still function by employing someone in the Philippines to deal with most of it as well as website development, small scale manufacturing in fact there is plenty of scope to do things in the Philippines (if you can find the right workers). But more importantly you can do a lot of this without affecting your income tax in the UK which also means you can be building a retirement fund offshore. Without actually doing anything illegal and at the same time creating jobs.

But isn’t this stealing jobs from the UK? Benefit cheats working online should have been caught a long time ago anyone doing a “bit on the side” or casual work I have no sympathy for simply because I am one of the taxpayers that see my income raided every week to pay for people abusing the system. I don’t mind helping unemployed back to work and I don’t mind paying my bit for policing, waste collection etc. but I am fed up with the parasites living off my back (including local bloated councils, NHS, Police,Fire and other services that need to be streamlined drastically).

The UK is changing and one thing the government is going to try and do is keep its voters happy which are the unemployed and government worker sector which have been the biggest voting groups for some time. At the same time its going to squeeze where it can to pay for it. Which for me means setting up shop in the Philippines or another country outside of Europe is the only sensible way to prepare for retirement as the financial sector have blown that one out of the water in normal investment terms for the forcible future.

Housing is going to dip yet again in the UK as well so if you can accumulate enough cash for an investment be prepared for the repossessions and emergency sales coming up. May sound ruthless at the same time nothing we can do to fix the UK’s problems and we live in the “me” society which pretty much says it all on this look out for no.1 as the government are going to be squeezing us harder for longer and any break we can get to get ahead we need it.