Business Idea In The Philippines

  With the rise of the internet and the fact the Philippines is very insular in business mentality its probably one of the best environments for doing business if already here and you can see gaps in the market you can create. Today I am offering up one that you should be able to see the potential in from two directions. Firstly herbs, the green movement is growing in the Philippines but also there are many things you can do with the herbs like mixing them with sausages etc. to add some unique flavours and blends that aren’t available here. But the food side isn’t what I am talking about today but the sale of herbs and planters for them :-

upside down plantersteel 3 ring plant holder

Space is always an issue in the Philippines so creating planters that can be easily manufactured as well as unique and interesting in design will give you a guaranteed sales market as well as something you can export. I offer up 2 designs which are made by a company in California, doesn’t take much looking to see this could be done very easily in the Philippines and just wanted to share it with people as an opportunity others can take up.