Business development amongst Expat’s in the Philippines

Since December I have been pro-active in trying to interlink and network together Expat’s who could benefit each other. Either via using their knowledge jointly or buying power. What I found was a bit confusing as many seem to assume they own the rights to specific projects or unwilling to share in case they ended up competing against another expat.

Some news to that though is that along the way I did meet some good Expat’s who really want to develop not only their own ventures but also help develop other Expat’s with sharing experience and contacts. Now its not a closed group and its not designed round people being better than others the whole point is business development. We are and will be working together, at the same time I will expect some Expat’s to complain we are moving into their business sectors because for a start these are the same people that don’t want YOU to develop a business and unwilling to help you along the way. Ever wonder why so many people say don’t start a business here yet so many are making money? Because from experience the ones making real money here are generally quiet or trying to make money from you. Difference with the new group of people we are forming up is that its all about working together for the benefit of everyone within the group as well as the Expat community as a whole. Its  realisation that Koreans, Japanese, Filipinos, Chinese, Indians all make money here and too often than not our community isn’t getting its fair share of the pie in developing business here. Some of its down to funding but a lot of things don’t need funding but a knowledge base. E.g. you have a business that you want to develop online as everything you do at the moment is local sales yet your not really making enough to invest money in a well designed website and can’t afford or don’t understand how to increase the sales side. Within the group there are web designers aswell as people that can generate large amounts of relevant traffic. They will want a slice of the pie but on the upside they will put their money where their mouth is and do the development on a % basis which means you get your site and traffic and just give up a % of the sales of the online market. Same goes for other things like people who own farms who struggle with the local market prices there are people here that can show you how to make things like soap out of goats milk or many uses of coconuts. Tapping into the OFW and Expat market place your now producing high quality goods to people who want to buy it.

The list goes on and on.. and its why the last post seems a bit harsh but its because I want the Expat community to start moving in the right direction of course it brings some benefit to my life and my family at the same time it should be benefitting other expats with my knowledge and sharing theirs.

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  1. Ralf Wabersich
    August 28, 2010 at 9:20 am

    Let me know if I can help…