Bus Crashes with a 10 wheel truck Naga, Philippines


This incident that has currently had a death toll of 13 dead and many more injured has been described as an accident.. but in reality its more of an accident waiting to happen. Ive experienced these bus drivers on a daily occurance they tail gate you beeping to get passed, jump out on the wrong side of the road to overtake to seconds later cut across in front of you to pick up passengers. Its also been the case of having to move out of the way of these buses on many cases as they face head on towards you on the wrong side of the road. I feel sorry for the families and the people involved in the incident but wish more would be done to stop these things from happening in the first place.

The full story extracted from :-

There were at least 13 people killed while 4 others reportedly injured after a minibus race turned deadly in Barangay Tuyan, City of Naga in Cebu province before dawn Saturday (March 28, 2009) at exactly 5 am.

The minibus, owned by the Cebu-based EDC Liner and driven by Aladin Law-it, was running at 90-100 kilometers per hour and overtook another mini bus at the south Cebu highway in Barangay Tuyan of Naga when it clashed up into a trailer truck that was coming from the opposite direction.
Most residents said the impact was so loud that they were roused from their sleep. The two vehicles were dragged to the southbound lane and stopped beside an electric post. Both vehicles were severely damaged. The front part of the mini-bus was torn in half and its wheels were already under the cargo truck.

Law-it and his conductor, Allan Omilgo, were among the 13 fatalities, according to Senior Police Officer 4 George Canomon, Naga City traffic investigator. Another list of casualties is Alfred Chan; Nora Pacubas and 10-year-old daughter Charlene; Chunie Caban; Rodrigo Laña; Warren Aleser; Nestor Omilgo; Allan Omilgo; Jasmin Hasma.

The four injured were Anabelle Alforque, Jennifer Gregorio, Ma. Fe Rodela, and Alexander Autida. The victims were rushed to the South General Hospital by rescue workers just across the accident site but most of them were proclaiming Dead on Arrival by medical staffs.

Investigation showed the bus was carrying 20 passengers and heading for Cebu City from Sibunga town when the incident happened. The bus was overtaking another vehicle when it strayed into the lane of the truck.

Bus operator Eladio Colalho promised he would provide assistance to the victims. He assured that they will not abandon the victims of the crash, but asked that only one funeral parlor (St. Francis Funeral Homes on N. Bacalso Ave.) handle everything so they will not have difficulty coordinating with the families.

I have a friend who works at the hospital who was on duty that night and got to see the carnage afterwards.. One thing thing that seemed to happen is many people arrived at the hospital alive then died suddenly which although im no medical expert I would personally say was due to shock as much as the injuries sustained.