Burning Plastic And Smoke

With the recent problems of mosquito’s here in the Philippines everywhere due to the rainfall we have been having its surprising to see people burning rubbish to send the smoke through the house to flush out the mosquito’s. Ok you have dengue and possibly malaria to contend with but there is normally people still in the houses and plastic is burned with the rubbish.

There have been some assumed links between cleft’s and burning of plastic but at the same time there are various types of cleft defects which makes it difficult to have a full assessment of the root causes.

Either way I know it makes me sick from the fumes and many of these households have children in the homes while waving the smoke through (most homes have metal roofs with gaps so the smoke goes through and up before exiting forcing out smoke). Question for me would be though why not seal the house up instead and install makeshift grills where all these holes are? Works for me I have to close my doors and windows when they all start burning but generally I won’t see more than 1 – 2 mosquito’s in my office space a day and they don’t survive very long in here.

Prevention is always better than cure and I often may seem a bit puzzled by peoples actions as it seems people crap in the places they live and then run around complaining about illness and disease. A bit of hygiene and basic housekeeping would remove most of the risks that we are stuck with every day here in our case because of other people. Now I can understand some of the problem is that the government doesn’t collect waste here unless its election time. At the same time I doubt most people in the area are paying much taxes either so unlikely to be any solution soon but throwing everything in empty lots, burning it or dumping in the river are just creating more problems rather than any solutions. I hope some day things start to click and people stop pointing the finger at the government and start to realise that everyone here is part of the problem as well as the solution. Currently there is no end in sight and another reason I say to hell with giving aid when people can’t be bothered to help themselves and its well known previously that a “dengue” solution here where I live seen the money disappear quickly followed by deaths and a clean up operation costing more than the initial investment had been. Lack of accountability, responsibility and more importantly care always seems to exist in everything that goes wrong.