Building trade links between the UK and the Philippines

With the current economic climate it makes sense to develop links between the Philippines and the UK as trade partners. Many industries in the UK can benefit from outsourcing as well as traded goods produced by the Philippines at the same time the UK’s financial sector could offer much investment to the Philippines islands as well as the country being able to offer some of its smartest and brightest to help develop infrastructure and sustainable development as well as many other things.

For the expat out here though that has stumbled across something they think would be sellable in the UK I would advise contacting the British Embassy as an Embassy’s primary goal is to improve trade and they will be able to get you in contact with things like Chambers of commerce in your local area that can assist you. I personally would like to see more links between the two nations to develop a strong bond of trade that can be built upon. Having exhibition showcases of the Philippines best in the UK as well as trade shows in the Philippines by British exporters could only help to strengthen that bond. The rise of China is targeting both countries at the same time both countries are still offering and capable of producing quality goods above that of China’s as well as the ability to be ingenious and producing new items and technologies currently not on the market.