Building a kitchen in the Philippines


I was lucky enough to drop by a friends house yesterday on route to pickup the cake for Zoei’s birthday and meet up with my friend John who is going through a lot of the same issues and developments as myself. As well as not being from the pension crowd we are both pretty much living the Philippines at the sharp end as we both need to make a living as well as develop our projects as we go. I visited John last year before a lot of the ongoing projects had even started and it was nice to see how far the work had come as well as exchanging ideas and methods.

John had gone with a similar design to what I would like to do as regards Kitchen construction although John`s is fitted I would be more inclined to go with IMG_0076building modular units so that it can be built ahead of the actual structure which would allow installation a lot faster as soon as the walls etc. were ready for the kitchen to go in. John is doing most of the work himself so obviously that deadline isn’t relevant to his kitchen’s as he cant be in two places at once. I like the look of the finished design as its functional and has a bit of a French kitchen feel. The reason I took the photos was to show the type of design and finish you can get with a bit of work. But also so my father in-law could see the difference as most kitchens here are pre-cast concrete. Which I will also add a photo later once I go to the house as its what has been installed yesterday while I was out. The reason most are made of concrete is one its cheap and two its termite proof. I don’t think John will have any problems with the termites either mind due to his location.

Another method is modular and you can find them in places like Citi hardware but not only is the units overpriced they are made of plastic. I can build 2 kitchens complete for the same price as one of the kitchen units. Even the worktop which is also plastic comes in at around P13,000. If your doing a kitchen in the Philippines advise copying the photos above to show a carpenter what you expect or going with the traditional concrete method. Personally I prefer the wood but Filipinos generally prefer the

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  1. Tropicalpenpals
    December 29, 2010 at 10:57 am

    Yes nice little wine rack does the job well 😉

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    Building a kitchen in the Philippines