Building a house in the Philippines Blog

Another blog im developing I have splintered off as simply it will develop into a big blog with different aspects of building development as well as our own experiences. So if your interested please feel free to drop by at :-

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This blog has been built using our experiences over the last few months and will be continuing probably for upto 10 years as we develop new projects and new techniques. We want to share our information so that you will not go through some of the problems that many people do over and over again. Over the years I have noticed and so have many other expats that have been here a while that offering advice is often ignored. But this media at least people can have a choice and see what goes well and what hits snags. I also want to encourage YOU the reader to add your experiences as we go along as well because we know we don’t have all the answers and on top of that I am using a lot of Western ideas in an Eastern country which a lot of people will assume I must be mad. In reality once a mix of the two methods and cultures collide and develop things should get easier as proving what works starts to make everyones life easier. So I welcome you to join our journey and hopefully you find the blog interesting and become a regular participant as well as reader.