Building a Filipino style Kitchen


This is one we are currently installing at apartment 1a. Now there are some things that I have heard from people as regards some Filipino workers ignoring how they are told to do things and there is a few in this photo.

Firstly the step that I had to build just passed the door entrance. The cause of the step being put in was the guys were told to run the pipe outside and bring it through the wall next to the sink for wastage. Which was obviously asking too much since they cut through the bottom of the worktop and just run it straight across the floor. also the fact originally where you can see being concreted up was where they wanted the sink to go but obviously when your in the kitchen people prefer to look out the window while doing the washing up. So this is why it got relocated in the first place. The wall behind the kitchen is easily accessible and actually has scaffolding there the guys just decided to take the lazy route which was easiest for them regardless of the hassles it causes anyone else. The kitchen unit itself is pre-formed in casts then put together. Another fault with that is on this end which was down to the workers not using the metal square they were given to level up the jig for the cast. Result being the difference between the front which is approx half a metre and the back is over an inch. Something I wouldn’t think twice on firing someone for in the West but here its not even worth discussing as simply they have no interest in doing it right or even learning from the mistake.

Now getting back to the kitchen now I have covered what is wrong with it what is right.. When installing a kitchen make sure whoever is doing it for you builds it to your height specifications as generally you will find people working to their height and this being an apartment used by foreigners there is a big difference and likely to be a pain in the back for foreigners if living here if its at the wrong height. The inside base is also concrete but would advise tiling as it compounds the concrete dust and looks nicer.

The top is generally tiled I was looking at granite originally but I haven’t got the time or budget right now to do that. But hopefully in the future will install granite worktops as they are pretty cheap here.. could you believe around 1/4 of the price of a plastic worktop! The other thing is check your sink as Filipino kitchens generally tile the sink under the tiles and in the West we tile above. There are reasons for both and best checking your style of sink as for example the one we have in the Photo doesn’t have pull down clips to fit on top of the tiles as well as no seal so its going in Filipino style.

The Step you may think is a stupid idea right now but to be honest its actually doing us a favour. Generally people here build frames under the refrigerator to lift them higher from the ground. The step will do away with that need. Which also helps when cleaning the floors down as it elevates the refrigerator out of the way.