Broke the band in Cebu, Philippines have a new wave sound


Very few people would be aware of the fact I don’t like television. Generally I don’t even have it on in the background and can happily be without one. But what I do love is music and even sleeping like to have it in the background.

Here in Cebu many people may not be aware that New Wave is a big thing and there is a love for 80s music. I came across the band Broke last week on Facebook and thought they are well worth a mention. I have also included a small player of some of their tracks. I am a supporter of “real music” and would just like to say listen to the tracks and make your own mind up. The group are available for events and currently looking for a record producer.


A few words from the band :-
we are the band BROKE, an alternative-pop-rock group that aims to impart their own brand of music to those who are willing to listen. our songs usually have a lively tune but ironically contain lyrics of the not-so-good affairs of the heart, as the name implies (broke – way kwarta, way gugma!).
the band is composed of "frontgirl" zsa zsa, the "melancholic preacher" of the group; bill, the band’s "mal-adic melody maker"; drummer nino seno, the "payterrr-panisherrr", and nino aaron, our resident "charismatic heart-throb"…
together, we share the vision of other local bands and we want others to share the same – support local homegrown music!!!
BROKE – way kwarta, way gugma!!! _m/




BROKE wants to meet:
a recording producer, an event coordinator, people who wish to listen to our songs,
EVERYONE!!! …just add us up at
(friendster and myspace account also available)
BROKE contact no.
BROKE – way kwarta, way gugma!!! _m/