Brits in Singapore mock aged rickshaw driver

I came across this article regarding something else “Brits abroad”. Spain and Greece have had decades of drunken Brits on holiday in they’re countries and had to put up with idiot mentality.. high on drink and drugs, fighting, beach sex etc. etc. what ever happened to us? I say us loosely because unluckily the same sort of people that tar everyone with the brush travel under a British passport. Its also the fact that if people are aware I am Scottish no matter where in the world they respect you more than if you said your English or British. One thing I do notice with most articles regarding “British” abroad they forget to meantion that its 99% of the time ENGLISH.

The thing is many people aren’t proud of the UK and your on holiday. But people are quick enough complaining when people are in the UK and how inappropriate the behaviour is. So try looking at things from a local wherever you are in the world.. Your not something special when you visit other countries you may have more money than the majority of people in a lot of these countries especially in Asia. But its not a right its a privilege and respect for yourself and others should come first.

Getting back to Singapore the video caused a lot of outrage from people who seen it after it was posted on YouTube by one of the three this is a cut from Mail Online regarding the video

Three British tourists who mocked a 76-year-old rickshaw driver because he couldn’t pedal fast enough for them – then posted a video of the struggling and panting old man on YouTube – have caused uproar in Singapore.

The trio also ran off without paying the £5 fare he requested and escaped in a taxi yelling expletives which were heard on YouTube as they filmed themselves leaving the scene at Clarke Quay, popular nightspot.

?Ten dollars my f***ing arse, yelled one as the video camera showed a close-up of his face

Now I’m all for having a night out and enjoying myself but these sort of things are not only a bad reflection on other British people at home and abroad but its pretty insulting to the driver and lucky to get away with just comments from people. If i was aware of the situation and in charge of Police in that district I would have made the guys life a nightmare for not paying the fare, insulting a Singapore subject and maybe a few weeks in a local jail would have wiped the smiles?

Anyway for although Brits out there misbehaving.. have a bit of thought for others..