Brits in Cebu, Philippines

It may seem obvious that I receive mainly emails from people out of the UK and the Philippines but the odd thing is the UK isn’t even a high readership of the blog TropicalPenpals. But I have noticed something very different with Brits over our American counter parts who make up the majority of Expats in Cebu in that the Brits tend to be a lot younger. Generally the Americans are a majority Retiree group where on the most very few of the British Expats or people looking to move here from the UK are in the 30 – 50 Bracket and most are just looking for a change of pace of life and a cheaper cost of living.

The problem is things seem to be steadily increasing in price here its not as cheap as it used to be especially with the exchange rates its scrapped nearly 30% off the original rate I arrived with. The peso will remain strong with the reliance on remittances keeping it in demand. At the same time I wonder how many Expats who are coming will manage to stay the distance. The retirees are in a unique position generally as they are living well below their means in many cases so can afford to adapt if needed. Not rich pickings mind but can afford to cut a few nights out to save a few pesos. But the ones that need to make an income have a very high casualty rate but very little gets written about it because people fade away.

E.g. you will get someone talk about all the things they are going to do and how they will do it. Goes on for about 6-12 months then the money starts running out, a few family problems and business isn’t going as well as expected and suddenly they drop off the radar completely. But all the negative stuff never gets said publically. What I would say to anyone suffering with this is people need to know the good with the bad. If your business is successful its important people know about it and why its successful and the problems you overcame. At the same time if its negative people need to know what pitfalls to avoid and the frustrations of dealing with them.

Do I write both? Well you can tell with my writing its like a rollercoaster week to week depending what has happened. Some days are great and other days are like the one with the motorcycle accident. Its just life at the same time we are sustainable but it wasn’t easy and its about 30% of what I want to be doing. It will get there I have no doubt but if you think moving here will be an easy run don’t kid yourself. You need to arrive with your eyes open and your feet already running before you hit the ground. Read as much as you can online then compare it when you get here to see what is true and what is someone’s interpretation.

Either way remember we always here to help where we can..