British Expat Kevin Taylor Jailed for 12 years in the Philippines along with wife Charlene

Kevin Taylor (Father of 3) and his wife Charlene Taylor have been jailed for 12 years in the Philippines in relation to being found guilty of running an illegal recruitment agency offering bogus jobs to the United Kingdom.
Over 5 years have already been served while awaiting trial in the Philippines. Which will also mean if they accept being “guilty” even if innocent they may be out of jail in 2016. If they continue to protest their innocence they could be stuck with the 12 year sentence.
This is a difficult scenario to be in although they believe they are innocent and may well be, the problem you have is that appealing can affect an early release on “good behaviour”. This is extremely sad but is the same in many countries including the UK. Where I know of cases of people being jailed for murder for 20+ years who later sue after being found to be innocent.
This is a testament to how wrong things can go in the Philippines and from following the story from when I came aware of it several years ago. I do believe that Kevin and Charlene are innocent and that some members of staff may have been illegally operating a fake recruitment agency. I cannot understand why Kevin and Charlene would do this themselves as they operated offices etc. as such would be an easy target. While “Staff” could disappear into the night as they often do in the Philippines. My thoughts go out to Kevin, Charlene their children and Kevin’s parents as this who thing has been a complete nightmare. That has cost them everything, I am hoping they are released next year to rebuild their lives.