British Election leads to hung parliament ?

I apologise for talking a lot on politics for yesterday and today but the reason is things back in the UK will always affect Expats in someway so even if we often like to ignore our old countries its always worth noting what is going on there in case it can affect pensions, passports, exchange rates etc.

The hung parliament which is just about to draw to a close on its ballots is probably going to be as bad as it is good for the country. The reason being any major changes will be blocked by either side as they struggle to get an overall majority for change. Now with a government with little debt or need for change it would be great as it would stop these clowns getting into more trouble, but instead we aren’t in a good financial status or any other the UK is pretty much ready for a collapse if nobody takes the lead and others follow. The Labour government has swollen the ranks of government workers and contractors to an unsustainable level as well as set up hundreds of committees and self elected bodies which are more in line with Greece’s “ghost” organisations for political supporters than anything else the Qwango’s certainly don’t show any benefit to anyone unless your actually on one. Restructuring the government services will be something that is going to cause protests without a doubt and I don’t think it can be ignored anymore. Same goes for the “benefit class” or unemployed I am all for forcing people into work if they like it or not I have spent enough of my hard earned money keeping people in a lifestyle that doesn’t encourage them to earn a single pound but instead sign a bit of paper and say “I can’t find a job”. The UK lacks engineers and other sectors its about time companies were encouraged to take on people and convert a lay about into a skilled worker who is not only valued locally but also overseas opportunities.

The last two things are the issue of uncontrolled immigration and getting people to start saving and stop spending. If they can sort out all of the above it can surely only mean the UK will recover over the next decade. If they don’t we are just sipping champagne on the SS Titanic just waiting for that iceberg to hit our unsinkable ship??