Blackie our dog

blackie our dog, black dog,black and white dogBlackie is one of the funniest characters I have come across in the Philippines having some strange sexual habits as well as generally just up to odd things most of the time. As you can see by the way he sits he likes to make a presence posture being one of his things.

Tonight is a typical example because of heavy rain he decided to sleep on a bench outside where the computer gamers play on the internet PCs. After I got him to move from there he stood away from the bench while I was getting a PC for someone before jumping on the bench running to the end and laying down on an empty computer desk instead.

A few weeks back we had a goat destroying some of the plants in the garden and after we swiftly tied it up to get the owners to come round Blackie initially had an instinct to nip the back legs as shepherd dogs are bred to do when herding cattle. But once we had actually tied the goat up he then decided to make this new goat his very intimate girlfriend by trying to mount it. Brings a new meaning to “mountain goat” with mounting instead!

Even with the local dogs that wonder into the compound they will star growing as he starts sniffing around there back end they must know him too well in the area to know not to trust him out of eyesight. A lesson learned by a fairly old puppy that had escaped from a neighbours garden. One minute they are jumping around play fighting next time I turn my head the puppy looks a bit concerned to why Blackie has jumped on his back. Does answer the riddle of why so many dogs in the neighbourhood’s there seems to be some with a very high sex drive and not fussy where to use it.

On a lighter note though he likes doing things to annoy other dogs that are stuck in compounds. He will follow us home for example knowing full well that the dogs in that compound are tied up. As soon as they start barking and going crazy he then wanders off back to where he lives. Sitting on top of the stairwell of the apartment is another thing he does in the evenings as he knows the dogs in the compound opposite can see him and will start barking.

A funny dog to just sit and watch sometimes as he’s always doing something.