Birthday party 21 again!


What seemed to be one of the busiest weekends of the year the party turn out wasn’t as big as expected but glad to see many of my regular friends to be there (regular as in we meet regular in person!). I was surprised to have a birthday cake as well as a few presents and balloons as usual my wife April had pulled out all the stops even though I had limited the budget (not because I am thrifty just didn’t know how many people were coming!). Which in all honesty was a good thing as its taken several days to work through the excess food. If we had run it like last year we spent around P25,000 and could have had a lot of food being given to every man and his dog to get rid of it (although last year was very busy).


It goes without a doubt thanking my wife for pulling the stops out as well as spending over a day in the kitchen rustling up the dishes you see in the photo. Alongside everyone else who helped with the other preparations. One of my frustrations here though personally is that nobody ever seems to confirm anything one way or the other, I know I can be as bad sometimes due to things I get upto where I am never 100% where I will be at any given point in time something always seems to be going on. With Wilhelm’s christening on the horizon as well this will probably be a year without the Christmas party as simply we have spent enough over a couple of months on functions. Budgeting properly is paramount to being able to afford to live in the Philippines full-time and currently the amount we have spent in the last few months is a lot more than we should be with construction projects still needing done before January.100_5656

I can honestly say though that I am lucky enough to have a wife that understands that although it seems most people here think of today that without a doubt I am thinking of everyone’s future for tomorrow. So having the support of my wife in my thinking when I know other people struggle to stop their wives spending is not only a blessing but a stress reliever as its one less thing I need to worry about. Top that with the fact my wife operates her own business ventures generally if she wants something she pays for it herself.


100_5666100_5659 100_5662 

 Getting back to the party was a good night and also a good time for one of my friends to introduce her new found love at the event to old classmates. Here is to next year.. if enough people put a bit of effort into confirming in advance I will organise a proper