big thanks for the recent donations

It’s nice to be acknowledged with the usefulness people find from the blog and was odd that a donation arrived today after a discussion with someone last night on something else. The idea I was discussing was a blog that was “pay per page” the idea being each page is based on $50 – $100 donations because every time the donation reached its target the money would be used for the next project and page. So over time there was no profit from the blog but in fact lots of ideas which was shared for free. No real profit except the obvious that each project would be functional and need a home. At the same time when we were discussing it we were talking about the hanging plant pots made from tubes. In a garden centre maybe something would be knocked up with bamboo, fibreglass or some other materials but would obviously cost more than $40. The project made at home with an afternoon cost around $6 – $8 and could be pretty much built by anyone, saving at least $20+ on a single project if you don’t include the time, generally I don’t include the time purely because the sort of people interested in making these things are actually hobbyists who like building stuff or have more time than money.

But back to today I just want to thank the donations that people have sent and they will be going towards the Aquaponic setup in a barrel that we will be starting in the next week or two. We have been slowed down a little due to the injuries I received in an accident as I literally can’t bend without being in a lot of pain which rules out some of the things I need to do for the project. Doesn’t mean it won’t start will just take a little longer than expected. If I can get hold of a solar panel all the better as this setup would be long-term sustainable off grid which is something I also want to prove. Why? because when I wondered up the mountains looking at lots for sale one of the biggest problems is water because it seems people generally don’t think long term or for water collection. The Aquaponics setup would actually only need “topping up” from time to time rather than a constant flow of water which means people sitting on a mountain top could actually have fresh fish as a food source. At the same time building a terrace type setup would hold water for irrigation and development of the land.

Getting a bit off tangent but that’s where the donations will be going and would just like to thank everyone again for making a donation.