Best internet cafe design for the Philippines.

Hi end internet cafe

When designing the layout you really need to look at different factors. If you go high end all pretty and unique you may actually put a lot of your customers off using the location. Because without even looking they will assume its expensive. Although if in a Mall the sort of design on the left is something I would look to do. Its clean its fresh and would outclass your competition in the same mall. Although the pricing will be competitively matched. Because Mall areas are based on compulsive buying. So getting the right image you could draw in a lot of customers that may not even have any intention to go to an internet cafe except for the fact of walking passed thinking how nice it looks.

Philippines internet cafe with booths

The next image is of the booth kind of internet cafe this has advantages such as privacy but its congested and the plastic chairs are cheap, easy to clean but not comfortable over a long period of time. Raising the computers to the top of the units makes sense as it allows airflow, heat naturally rises and they are out the way. Although personally depending on the layout I would prefer PCs to be out of reach of users  completely. The issue you could have is that the computers are blocking the view from the counter risking loss of webcams etc. Although this design does maximise space.

Philippines internet cafe with computer desk

The third design is that of the old computer desks but its a cheap and a quick way to get open. Disadvantages are computers can get kicked on the floor, the computers can suffer with dust as well. The other problem being you have to increase the space for each computer for leg room which is wasting space.

Now the final design is very simple a matter of buying a few computer desks and just fitting them together in a row. May seen like a great idea but it has some serious flaws. Firstly things rust a lot faster than they do anywhere else I have lived. The computer desks don’t have a solid construction which may not seem an issue unless someone trips over and knocks a whole system onto the floor. The last one is the one that would put me off using this cafe completely. Most things in the Philippines don’t have an electrical earth and unless you plan on earthing everything your customers are going to suffer with static shocks.

Internet cafe  2009 - Photo by and copyright of Matt Wilkie

So what design would I go for? well for a street type internet cafe I would go with what Tim has done. As shown in the photo. But basically its a simple design but maximises space as well as keeps the PCs at a high level. It keeps the installation costs down as it is done in sheet plywood and lumber. We have our Cafe starting to be built hopefully next month so the construction and layout will be shown on another article as well. This photo is actually our internet cafe (as i updated this article).